How to Use a Technical Analysis of Stocks

The stock market is filled with volatility.  Current circumstances show how a reversal in the market may occur when traders and investors are the most confident.  The only way to find accuracy in the market and to reduce your risk is to use strategy and analysis.  A technical analysis of stocks provides insight to the moves in the market while ensuring you can find the right stop losses or build more profitability with your portfolio.

A technical analysis of stocks is identified by certain systems and trading signals that identify what is happening in the market.  Each system differs by the construction and methodology used for the market.  For instance, a traditional approach would combine quantitative analytics and data, showing how these change over time.  This gives lagging indicators of what has occurred in the market.  You can use this analysis to determine what the probability is for continuation or a reversal.



Other technical approaches use mathematical formulas to find the best results.  For instance, most traders and investors are aware of oscillator and stochastic models.  These add together the price, volume and a certain time with the moves in the market.  It then gives a probability or average mean of what the market will likely do.  This gives a linear approach with a technical analysis for stocks, using the algebraic formula to define various scenarios.

While basic, mathematical formulas offer some insight to analysis, it is often limited by the basis of the formula.  To accurately use a technical analysis of stocks, you will want to look at the type of equation used.  For instance, fractals look at the patterns and formulas of the data used.  It is then able to predict the probability of an outcome based on the data.  Instead of using a linear approach, this technical analysis of stocks looks at a variety of concepts and see how they best fit within the market.

Reduce your risk with your trades and investments. Your strategic decisions with the stock market greatly support the decisions you make with your stocks.  However, to accurately determine what you need to do, it is also important to use a technical analysis of stocks.  These work as leading indicators to determine the probability of whether you should buy, sell or hold in the market.


How You Could Have Prepared for DLTR’s Current Drop

DLTR (Dollar Tree) stocks currently experienced a plunge in the stocks.  On March 7th, 2018, there was a second downtrend that many traders and investors did not anticipate.  While the downtrend began last month, the second dip was not expected to move as much as it did and instead dropped by 9%, specifically because of the indications from the environment and the performance of DLTR.  However, DLTR trading signals offered different insight that would have prepared those holding stocks.

What Our DLTR Trading Signals Say


When looking at the trending leading indicators, it shows the reversal and the downtrend.  While DLTR was in an uptrend February 1st, our traders and investors were alerted that the trend was going to reverse.  When a neutral zone for trends took place, many thought DLTR would recover.  However, our DLTR trading signals noted that the trend would continue in a downtrend.  While this plunge is being experience on the 7th of March, our BluSignals Systems saw the downtrend on March 1st, highlighting an accurate prediction that prepared our traders and investors holding DLTR stocks.

What Caused the Second Downtrend?

The downtrend, while a continuation of the current pattern, took many by surprise based on the real – time statistics and the environment of DLTR.  The plunge took place after the company was not able to report the projected profit after the fourth quarter.  The question is with the net income that, on February 3rd was at $1.04 billion.  This has led the stocks to be at $4.37 per share as opposed to $1.36 per share a year earlier.  Many also believed that the downtrend would not be as significant with tax legislation, offering a $562 million benefit to the company.  The revenue of the company also rose by 12.9% and store sales increased y 2.4%.  Despite these numbers, the stock lost 2.8% in 3 months with the current drop at 9%.

The Importance of Data and DLTR Trading Signals

Falling short of revenue expectations, despite overall increases in sales and profit is central to preparing for trends in the market.  After the second plunge, many are looking at buying stocks.  For those selling, the stop – loss is greater than expected.  At the same time, those who decide to buy the dip may not be certain of what will happen next with the trends.  The DLTR trading signals offer insight to the next moves in the market.  Knowing the trends before they happen will sharpen your strategies with DLTR stocks.

TSLA Predictions Call March 12, 2018 Market Moves

March 12, 2018 was a moment of confidence for those who knew the TSLA predictions.  They anticipated as early as mid – February that it was time to buy as TSLA stock were going to go in an upward trend.

For those not usingleading indicators, the TSLA stock was a sudden jolt into an upward trend as a sudden reversal, up almost 300% from the trend that was taking place. This meant either traders and investors would not be able to buy the stock they wanted or they missed on an opportunity from the buy zone indicated before.

Uncertainty in the market comes in many colors.  At times, it is from a sudden downtrend.  When the markets go up, it is also problematic with making profitability, especially if you don’t buy the stocks when they are volatile.

TSLA predictions highlight how much a trader and investor can gain when they are given the right tools.  The shift and upward trend, whether buying intraday stocks or long – term investments, provides a different return based on your strategy.

Using leading indicators in combination with other analytical tools supports how traders and investors are working in the market and shows exactly how the data and predictable patterns are going to turn.

With accurate analytics, traders and investors reduce risk and know exactly when to buy. The amount of profitability that results moves beyond the indications of economists or speculation and into hard data that identifies the best moments to enter into a buy zone.

How TSLA Predictions Knew the Upward Trend


In mid – February, traders and investors using BluNeural identified a buy zone for TSLA.  These predictions arose after a downtrend, and with this one alert, it let traders and investors know that things were about to change.

The prediction of BluNeural comes from it’s algorithmic formula that is designed to provide accurate results.  The buy and sell zones are depicted with a neural network.  This uses forward – thinking tools that take all data related to TSLA and show how it will alter in the market.

Unlike other leading indicator systems, BluNeural is able to predict buy and sell zones two to three weeks early.  The TSLA predictions, now which are leading into a changes, are an example of how this system allows traders and investors to keep building profitability.

The accuracy of BluNeural, as compared to other systems, is one of the questions that many traders and investors have.  Our design is built by traders and investors who know how to beat the benchmarks.

The TSLA predictions are identified with a neural network which:

+ Identifies all necessary data to predict a buy or sell zone
+ Alerts traders and investors before a change
+ Allows traders and investors to use other analytical tools for accuracy
+ Designed with profitability for every trader and investor

The approach identified with TSLA predictions let traders and investors know that the data was in charge of how the stocks were going to change.  Those who were using our system changed their position and worked strategically with the market so they could benefit from the turns and unexpected volatility in the market.

Why Did TSLA Stocks Really Change?

Many which anticipate the market believe it is the environmental factors which stimulate change in the stock markets.  However, this is also determined by data and patterns that create the unexpected twists and turns.

TSLA had significant factors which may have predicted this change.  The first is the higher supercharger rates that it recently released.  This would have impacted stock prices because the trades and investments might bring more return.

New models within the company that are being introduced through the high – tech company may have also had a significant impact on the upward trend.

Over the last year, TSLA has seen an increase in stocks by over 31%.  The 3 month return has slightly decreased by .18%.  The stocks in the past 5 days are at an increase of 3.72%.  The continuous upward trends, as well as the slight pullback, may have many traders and investors believing that this stock was one which would balance with a downtrend or would simply keep increasing.

The strength in TSLA is based on the ability to know when to buy and hold the stock.  When there is a downtrend, it can be expected that it will only be a pullback, specifically because of the numbers and economic projections.

Knowing how long the downtrend will occur as well as when the best time to buy is the anticipated question which cannot be determined with the numbers of the analytical tools currently in the market.

The TSLA predictions offered a win to those looking at this stock.  If there was a trader or investor that had not added this stock to the portfolio, they knew the perfect time to buy.  For those who were working with the stocks, they could move into strategic placement by using these forex leading indicators.

What Do TSLA Predictions Say About the Future?

Will TSLA stocks continue to rise?  Our BluNeural buy and sell signals can tell you when the next time is to buy or sell the stocks.  Even though it is currently in a strong, upward trend, stocks always move in the market.  This is something that only data and leading indicators can predict.

The TSLA predictions are able to take all the data and the embedded information and allow traders and investors to know exactly when to make their next move in the market.

For day and intraday traders, it is also possible to look at BluFractal, which predicts trends.  There may be a time to sell stocks you have or once again buy the TSLA stocks before they move into an even stronger bullish market.  By looking at this before it happens and comparing it to other analytical tools, you will easily be able to find your position in the market.

Those using BluSignals systems for day trend or long term investing knew what the TSLA predictions would be.  The profitability of any portfolio is based on timing you use to buy and sell.

As can be seen with TSLA predictions, the prime time to buy was shown in mid – February.  Now those working with these stocks can build their profitability and continue to stay ahead of the trends.

Beat the benchmarks.  BluSignals offers insight to TSLA and other stock indicators that act as forward – thinking tools so you can profit.